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English Walnut Treasure Box With Feather-Crotch Top by Jane Markham (Available for Shipping or Local Pick-Up)

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This dynamic English Walnut treasure box features the natural formation of what is called “Feather-Crotch”.  Where the branches meet a natural feather pattern is created.  The marble-cake striations in the heartwood surround the light sapwood coloring.  The growth lines are visible.  The front and back & the legs also show the contrast as well as ‘fiddleback’ undulating waves where the tree had movement.

All work is done in their Grass Valley shop, from the milling to the finished one of a kind box.  They use a penetrating Beeswax finish to preserve it.  One can feel the beauty of the wood that has no epoxy or lacquer to mask it.

Their inspiration is to bring out the amazing grain patterns found naturally in Northern California wood. 

The treasure box measures  11 inches by 6 1/2 inches by 4 inches high.  It is lined with velvet.

This item is available for local pick-up at the gallery in Auburn, CA as well as being available to be shipped within the U.S. Please click here to contact the artist to arrange details and payment of the shipping cost.  (janeandco "at" gmail.com)

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