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Mood Stone Pendant Necklace Handmade by Stacey Lamothe (Available for Shipping or Local Pick Up)

in: Jewelry

The bezel of this Mood Stone Pendant is a swirling container of aquatic life. Stacey embossed the bezel material with with a floral pattern in her trusty rolling mill, adding some tall sea flowers made from sterling wire.

This Mood Stone changes color by your mood (and the 80’s). Read your Mood: Black – Stressed,  Brown – Nervous, Red – Angry, Orange – Anxious, Yellow - Mixed Emotions, Light Blue – Calm, Green – Relaxed, Purple – Romantic, Blue – Happy!

The pendant is 1.5 inches long and just over ¾ inches wide. She is hung on an 18” stainless steel neck chain.

This Mood Stone Pendant Necklace can be picked up at the gallery in Auburn, CA or the artist can ship her to you for $8, USPS Priority Mail, Insured (domestic shipping only). If you've purchased these and want to have them shipped to you, please click here to give your mailing address to the artist. (Woof "at" StaceyLamotheArt.com)

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