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Tibetan-Style Incense Box with Redwood Lace Burl Top by Jane Markham (Available for Shipping or Local Pick-Up)

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This incense box is a version similar to the huge ones used in the monasteries of Tibet & Northern India.  The inside is lined with metal so it is fire-safe.  The smoke curls out the slot in the top. 

Place ½ inch of wood stove ashes or rice in the bottom of the box.  Light the incense and lay it on the base.  Shut the top and wait for the smoke to begin.   After a few times a bed of ashes will be formed.   All the ash will be contained so there is no mess to clean up.

This is a medium box measuring 10 inches by 4 inches by 5 inches.  It is made of Silver Maple with a dramatic Redwood Lace Burl top.

We purchase TSHO-DRONG ZIMPO incense directly from the Tibetans in exile in India.  It has no stick and as the box states, it “inherits the age old Tibetan formularies, flavored medicinal herbs and other precious substances, is a perfect choice for ritual offering and to purify the  surroundings with its  pleasant fragrance.   It has been found aromatic and pleasing to the body and mind.  It has all the natural herbs and other ingredients which are necessary for high quality incense.”


This item is available for local pick-up at the gallery in Auburn, CA as well as being available to be shipped within the U.S. Please click here to contact the artist to arrange details and payment of the shipping cost.  (janeandco "at" gmail.com)

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