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Turquoise and Sterling Silver Ring Large Size 9¼ by Laura Bracken (Available for Free Shipping or Local Pick-Up)

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I happen to feel that the degree of a person's intelligence is directly reflected by the number of conflicting attitudes she can bring to bear on the same topic.  (Lisa Alther, Kinflicks, 1975)

Local jeweler Laura Bracken offers this one of a kind size 9¼ ring, handmade from a beautiful Turquoise stone (22x11mm) and recycled sterling silver.

Laura says that traditionally Turquoise is known as the "sky stone" by Tibetan and Nepalese people.  Turquoise has been revered by people in the Himalayas for thousands of years thanks to the belief that it came from the heavens above. Its eye-catching blue-green color is thought to bring protection to everyone who carries it on their person, which is why children in Tibet are gifted the gemstone in their early years to keep them safe on their journeys through life.

This item can be picked up at the gallery in Auburn, CA or the artist can ship to you for free (domestic shipping only).  If you purchase this item and want to have it shipped to you, please click here to give your mailing address to the artist.  (LauraBrackenOnline "at" gmail.com)

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